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We plan, design and develop websites and custom web applications.  Our work includes e-commerce, e-government and content driven sites, in addition to portals and intranets.


Websites/Website Development

We develop websites on Open Source Platforms in order for you to maximise your returns through digital engagement.

Once viewed as a suspicious way of website development now Open Source Platforms are recognised as being infinitely better than proprietary platforms, this is due to a number of factors.


There are no annual licencing fees, no add ons, no one off payments. As with any website the design, copy or development isn’t free but the open source platform is.


Initially people believed that because the code to create open source platforms is publicly available the security was compromised. However research proves that this sharing of information actually increases the security and makes it better than proprietary platforms.

This is due to the fact that because of the exposure the code is constantly under scrutiny so any problems, attempted viruses (such as the Trojan Horse attempt in 1999) and faults are nipped in the bud instantly. With an open access code you don’t have to wait for a service provider to help you sort your own website, you can keep an eye on it yourself without being reliant on the competence of a huge company.


It’s faster, it works better, bugs are fixed instantly, it’s simply reliable.

Higher Quality

It’s just better!


You’re not tied to any corporation, you don’t have to rely on goodwill to ensure your platform runs successfully, you have no contracts to sign and operation is as cheap as you want it to be.


You maintain complete control at all times and never have to worry about predatory vendor lock-in again.

We break down the barriers that stop your consumers buying.

Not only do we engage your target market and bring your entire demographic to your website, we ensure that once they’re there their experience is second to none.

Using the fabulous features of the OPEN SOURCE Magento eCommerce platform we create a site that engages customers, attracts new visitors and more importantly leads them to the all-important purchase page.

Our tactics are known to increase conversions as we research your target market to see how they prefer a site to operate. Giving your customers what they want we ensure they always leave you eCommerce site satisfied, happy and with a lighter wallet!

Bespoke development comes as standard and we work with you to produce a solution that sells.

Armando Roggio a reviewer of practical eCommerce for business says, “I have experience with enterprise-level content management systems that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Magento out performed them all. It is an excellent platform worthy of the four and a half out of a possible five stars that I am awarding it in this The PeC Review.”

He admits it can take skill to develop but believes it is worth it as a stronger, more reliable, attractive and cost effective solution is reached.

With us at the helm we will give you complete control so that when you take the reins you can change, adapt, add or manage your eCommerce website without needing intervention from external parties.

Now you have the perfect stage for sales, why don’t you see how our digital media strategies make sure your website receives the high traffic it deserves.

Web Design: Ingredients for Success

The way your website looks and its overall functionality are important factors in its success. A well designed website provides the information that website visitors are seeking, in a manner that appeals to the different personality types visiting the site.

Understanding Your Business is Key to Outstanding Web Design

Anticipating how people use your website, the questions they will ask and the way you will answer the questions all needs to be incorporated into a successful website design. By providing the relevant information in the most accessible manner and by dovetailing content and design, you will ensure that the maximum number of website visitors will convert to become clients.

Delivering an effective website involves discovering what your business is all about and who your clients usually are. It typically includes:

  • Looking at what people come to your website (or you think will come to your website if you do not currently have a website).
  • Thinking about what actions you want them to take when they get there
  • Considering what your website visitors believe they need to do or know in order to feel comfortable in taking the required action you require

If you do not address these three points above, you cannot design an effective website to appeal to your customers and satisfy their buying process.

Make a Good Impression with a Stunning Website Design

Your website represents your brand so it must reflect your business, whether you are selling a product, a service, an event or raising awareness for charity. It’s a key feature in your marketing mix and acts as a remote selling tool. Your website is often the first impression a person will have of your organisation, so it is important that your website is designed to appeal to as many people as possible.

Help Your Website Visitors: Make Using Your Website Easy

Easy to navigate websites with good content are vital to the success of a website; a stunning website with no substance will not convert visitors to clients. Website visitors need to be able to access the information they need. If this is missing or too hard to find they will search elsewhere, usually going to a competitor’s site.

People make decisions within seconds of looking at a website so it’s important to grab their attention so they stay on a webpage longer. Good website design, which may include video or animation, will be eye-catching, engaging and easy to navigate around until the website visitor is ready to take the required action.

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