Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Increasing your conversion rate means getting your website visitors to take the action you want them to take when they visit your site. It does not matter whether you are running an e-commerce business or looking for more leads, conversion happens when they, the site visitors, take the desired action.

Three Steps to Conversion Rate Optimisation

Step 1 – Understand who your Visitors are

The first step in conversion rate optimisation is to understand who the visitors are coming to your website. Not as a generic group but as individual thinking people with their own buying criteria, concerns, fears and list of questions that must be answered before they can take action.

Conversion is a process, a set of small steps (micro conversions), that leads the visitors to a desired action (macro conversion). Humans are complex and our decision making process can be equally so, depending on what we are purchasing. Too many websites are made up of generic content created for the purpose of filling up a website page.

When people come to your website and cannot find content to help them with their purchasing decision, they leave dissatisfied and search again. An opportunity lost for your business and worse a customer that ends up in the hands of your competitors. If you want to increase the conversion rate of your site visitors, stop treating them as a generic group and provide information with which they can engage with as individuals.

Step 2 – Design a Meaningful Journey for your Visitors

The next step, after figuring out who your website visitors are, is designing a meaningful journey for them. This means providing different avenues and content for them to engage with as part of their journey. You have to consider the buying modality of your visitors, are they just starting our researching a solution, if so what information will you provide that tells them you are a viable supplier? Who is usually involved in making the decision, a single person, a couple, a mother, father, brother, uncle, friend, wife, husband, boss, line manager, technical director, company director, a group of directors, the board etc?

What are the main concerns of each of these groups and what information will you provide to them that will keep you in the running as they narrow down their options for suppliers? As you start to work this out you will see that a single path with generic information will not suffice for the majority of your visitors. Yes, you probably will get some sales or enquiries but on average you will be leaving 98% of visitors hungry for information and they will go someplace else. What about the people that definitely know what they want and are just looking for a supplier or are deciding between your product/service and a couple of alternatives provided by your competitors, how will you convince them to come to you?
Step 3 – Convince them to take Action

Now you have figured out who your visitors are as individuals, and you have provided a meaningful journey for them, you have to convince them to take action. The action you want them to take will depend on their own individual requirements but you can anticipate this and help them. For example, if you know the decision is usually made by the board of directors or a group within a company by providing information sheets, which they can print off and which highlights the benefits of your product or service, they have something to discuss around a table.

If your solution is difficult to visualise or describe why not use video or animation to illustrate the benefits? Do you have a guarantee or a great returns policy, is this obvious on your site? How about sending out samples, offer a no obligation meeting or a call back to discuss their requirements in more details? There are so many options and actions your site visitors can take, but you need to help them by providing these avenues in the first place.

Follow the above steps for Guaranteed Results

When you’ve spent time on the three steps above and organise your site as suggested, we guarantee your conversion rate will increase. Integrated Identity has a proven process for designing websites that convert better than the average. If you are looking for more business, give us a call, for a no obligation discussion or to set up a meeting.

Visit our case studies or see our testimonials for confirmation of the results applying conversion rate optimisation has meant for our clients. Read also the following blogs how to avoid being ripped off and the importance of conversion rate optimisation.